KSL IKO Kitesurf Center

We are proud do be the first IKO Center in Maranhão State – Brazil

Our center is located on the amazing and beautiful beach of 

Arpoador da Tutóia. 
A note from Bento and Rômulo:
WHY WE CHOOSE ARPOADOR BEACH? We have been working and exploring the whole northeast coast of Brazil for years. Organizing downwinders and kitesurf trips since 2014. After years looking for the best spot for kiting we found Arpoador. This spot has everything:
Strong and constant wind from July to December
Waves and Flat water
Huge safe area with perfect wind direction with shallow water for teaching any level from beginners to advanced
Easy and safe downwinders
Rain lagoons (pequenos Lençóis Maranhenses park)
We are between the Delta do Parnaíba (the best nature downwinder ever) and Atins (one downwinder = 60km = the fastest downwinder in the whole coast) 
Arpoador is the best spot for kiting in Brasil!

Services offered include but are not limited to:

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Arpoador is a fisherman village and a new kite spot. In this beautiful and remote we have been working hard to be able to offer as much kitesurf services and equipments as possible to tend to the high expectations of our clients, and to provide them with the best experience

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Let’s live the kitesurf life!